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‘Developing Help Seeking Behaviour in Adolescents’


Despite the rather awful weather lashing Sydney, more than 40 students from 6 schools across Eastern Sydney participated in our annual Youth Week Forum last week. Guest speakers included Woollahra Mayor Toni Zeltzer and Waverley Police Youth Liaison Officer, Corey Williams and the Forum was officiated by the Waverley Mayor Sally Betts.

Facilitated by WAYS counselling, teaching and case management staff; students from Year 9-12 participated in workshops across themes including; Mental Health, Porn and Relationships and Cyber bullying.

More than 60% of participants indicated that their knowledge/skills on topics following the forum were very good compared with only 17% before the forum

the topics were very relevant and I learned a lot of useful tips”  Year 9 student

[facilitators] were really nice and don’t lecture, they understand” Y ear 11 student

I liked how topical the info was and backed with practical, realistic advice”  Year 11 student







Effective Parenting Course


2014 Effective Parenting Course Feedback 

“All parents should do this course”

“This course is one of the most beneficial things we have done as parents. Everyone should be taught these strategies”

“A very inspirational 5 weeks, I wish I had started this earlier”

“Both facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and generous with their information. It was great to have practical experience to reinforce the theory. I thought the content was pitched correctly to the target audience. Great service and felt privileged to have access to it” 

“I feel hopeful and inspired and we have used a lot of strategies learned already with some successes”

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